Essential Oils

Essential oils can be useful not only for pregnancy and childbirth but also for family health and wellness.  I began using essential oils for myself personally several years ago. I found them very helpful for my migraine relief. I also had some oils that I would use occasionally at births by spritzing around the room or putting on a washcloth for mom to smell if she chose.  In 2013 I decided to learn more about oils and was introduced to doTERRA products.  I could tell immediately by the smell that they were stronger than the oils I had been purchasing at the natural food stores.  I have been learning more and more about all the different essential oils that exist and the different ways of using them.  I love to dilute oils in roller bottles so that they are easy to apply to my own skin or to my kids' skin.  My children love the oils and ask for them!  I am also excited about diffusing oils in our home.  I am still learning a lot and I like to refer to a website called "everything essential" to search for various ailments and to learn which oils might benefit my family and I.  Even my husband is really enjoying doTERRA oils and finding that they help him heal quickly and stay healthier. 

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